Hospitals and insurance companies have no problem denying you life saving treatment, if it helps their bottom line.

Success Stories

  • Member #1
    The hospital tried to deny my right to live!

    • Insured through his employer
    • Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
    • MRI's, CT scans, Office Visits, Chemo, and Radiation treatments were denied by the hospital due to his limited plan

    With the help of our Health Care Defense Team and intense negotiations with the hospital, Member # 1 was pre-approved for 100% free ongoing treatment!
    Savings $300,230.17

  • Member #2
    I survived the heart attack, but the bill nearly killed me!

    • Heart attack on a hike
    • Airlifted to a hospital
    • Billed $72,723.50 from the air ambulance

    With the help of our Health Care Defense Team and intense negotiations with the air ambulance company, Member # 2 had their bill written off!
    Savings $72,723.50

  • Member #3
    I had to choose between paying my rent or getting my meds!

    • 12 yr. old with Juvenile Diabetes
    • Prescribed one of the most expensive drugs on the market
    • Family couldn’t afford to pay $1,027.00 a month for prescription

    With the help of our Health Care Defense Team and relationships with drug manufacturers, we were able to get Member # 3 a years’ worth of life saving medication for free!
    Savings $12,324.12

  • Member #4
    I want to live!

    • Diagnosed with HIV
    • Candidate for anti-viral medication
    • Medication prescribed costs $2,500 a month

    With the help of Our Health Care Defense Team and coordination with their local Community Care Center, Member # 4 was able to receive their monthly medication at no cost!
    Savings $29,657.52

Our Story

CareGuide Advocates and our Healthcare Defense Team have worked in the health insurance industry for over 25 years. In the past, our advocacy services were an added benefit to healthcare products that we offered. Our years of experience have proven that our advocacy services are no longer just an “added benefit” but need to be made widely available to all insured or uninsured. This experience combined with our proprietary software allows us to provide unmatched advocacy support to your employees. We are passionate about what we do and proud of the services we offer. We truly believe that all employees should have access to affordable, quality healthcare and we have the experience and the tools to make that a reality. With Care Guide Advocates you get a team of healthcare defenders that will fight for you. Let us defend you!

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