Everyone is a target. Let us take the target off your back. 


Medical debt is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States

Our Commitment to You

We fight for your right to affordable healthcare. If you have already been affected by medical debt, we will help. Using our proprietary software and expertise we aim to reduce, if not completely eliminate, your medical debt.

Your Healthcare Legal Defense

From beginning to end, we are there to fight for your right to affordable healthcare

Hospital Bill Eraser

Do you owe money for a hospital bill? Think again. You might not have to pay your bill with hospital bill eraser.


24/7 access to Board Certified physicians on your schedule, in either English or Spanish.

Healthcare Pricing Portal

Simply look up a provider that has the lowest cost service in your zip code

Prescription Assistance Program

Let us help you get high priced prescriptions at minimal copays.

Personal Healthcare Advocate

We are your personal care guide advocate regardless of healthcare services.

Healthcare Defense Team

Your legal warriors are here for your defense. You are not alone.

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